Center for the Study of Military Justice

Military justice is understood and studied by too few, and largely neglected by academia. Even top students at elite law schools cannot reasonably be expected to grasp the breadth of American law to adequately assess the sheer volume of legal scholarship submitted for publication consideration annually to determine which is truly novel, non-obvious, useful, and sound.

Discriminators are natural. Some examples include a preference for professors (preferably from elite schools) and judges, those with long established records of publication, and “hot” topics. All of this, of course, is driven by a desire to select articles likely to be cited.

This alone puts military justice scholarship at a disadvantage. And even more so because this area of law appears unapproachable to many scholars and the general public.

One way toward remedying this disadvantage is to de-mystify military justice and society. Through this blog, my academic writing, and elsewhere, I enjoy examining military justice and telling its story.

Another is to cultivate, encourage, and recognize outstanding scholarship in military justice and related disciplines. That is the space I hope the Center for the Study of Military Justice (C4SMJ) will fill.

C4SMJ is a recently formed 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to the cultivation and encouragement of the study of military justice. This is an interdisciplinary approach that includes encouraging and supporting research that informs the proper understanding and study of military justice.

C4SMJ will be rolling out its initial program over the next several months. Information can and will continue to be found on this blog (here) and C4SMJ’s website, which is currently under development.

C4SMJ is classified a public charity and, because of my day job, will not solicit nor accept federal funding. So, broad based public support is vital to C4SMJ’s success. And, because of its 501(c)(3) status, contributions may be completely tax deductible.

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** C4SMJ does not share, nor will it sell, any contact information**