“Hello, boys! I’m baaack!”

Other than a day in May, Independence Day (July 4) is my favorite day of the year. So, in honor of the CLASSIC 1996 movie, Independence Day, you get the quote (a bit out of context; I’m not flying into any alien weapon). Took some time away from blogging to work on some Professional Military Education (PME) and to do some thinking about my research agenda and future projects.

Well, that is done (for now). So, time to get back at it!

First,  back to blogging.  But, unlike the past, longer, in-depth posts will be mixed in with more frequent shorter posts that will range from current developments, practice pointers (from my personal perspective), and highlighting other posts and publications, and more. My hope is to not only have a medium for my thoughts on military law and my ongoing education in military history and society, but to also demystify military law to non-military scholars, practitioners, and the general public.

Second, and the major reason for the temporary suspension, is the announcement of the launch of the Center for the Study of Military Justice (C4SMJ). This non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization is dedicated to furthering the study of military law, history, and society through providing grants to established and aspiring scholars. We are still in the development stage, but our first project will be our initial capital development. Much more to follow, but we are excited to discuss our plans with interested donors!

Subscribe to get updates on posts and the C4SMJ, or check back often for updates! Looking forward to it!

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