Temporary Suspension of Posting

After some thought, I have decided to temporarily suspend blogging while I reflect on my next major project and my vision for this particular project. I launched this blog a few years ago to accompany a three article idea studying military appellate institutions. The idea was to use this medium to pull back the curtain on the military justice system through blending the understanding of military law, history, and society and thus making it more accessible to civilian lawyers and other interested readers. The goal included publishing often, which became monthly. But after nearly six years and the third article under review for publication, my upcoming transition into a new job, and the daily rigors of my current day job, it has become much more difficult to keep up that pace. Plus, after being at this for quite some time, it is time to take a step back to think about how best to pursue my ultimate aspiration. For the time being, I will continue to maintain the site and keep the Bibliography updated. In time, I hope to return to this project with a more clear vision for this site’s ultimate purpose.

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